As a General Contractor or Large Volume Framer you are in the OSHA and insurance industry spotlight.  Safety Pole Systems are designed to protect your business from unnecessary liability costs. The Safety Pole System is so versatile it can be used on any building design, allowing you to customize the design to your current project and move it to your next project and new design without having to purchase another system.  The system allows for years of use with minimal maintenance. The Safety Pole Systems are considerably visible as to allow for easy inspection at any distance to ensure workers are protected from falls. With the purchase of a made-to-order system we provide:

  • Customized Design
  • On the job site installation training and documentation
  • On the job site fall protection training and documentation


Multi-family Commercial Projects

Have a commercial sized wood frame project?  Looking for a fall protection answer for your framer?

Look no further!

The Safety Pole Fall Protection System is the answer.  Each system is customized to your project and can be taken down and moved to the next project.  Safety Pole offers custom design for each and every project.  The Safety Pole System is so visible that inspectors can see if workers are tied off from almost every level of your project.  Our bright yellow poles announce to all that your company is one that takes fall protection safety very seriously and concentrates on reducing project general liability costs.  Safety Pole is recognized by insurance carriers to provide an exceptional level of safety for your employees.  Some general contractors have seen a direct reduction in workers compensation costs and general liability premiums, through the use of the Safety Pole System.


Versatile and Customizable Design

The Safety Pole Fall Protection System can be designed to work effectively on any building.  Our simple yet effective design allows for you to use the same pieces of equipment on all your projects.  When the framing is complete on your first project, pack it up and move it to your next project.  Safety Pole Fall Protection Specialists will re-configure your current system to work on the next project!


Reduce Insurance Costs

Falls from great heights resulting from lack of or improper fall protection specifically in regards to the framing process, plague the wood frame construction industry.  These claims normally have the largest exposure associated with them for the General Contractor andSub Contractor alike.  Even with contractual indemnity clauses (action over claims) the developer/builder remains exposed to these high dollar suits when the sub-contractor’s general liability policy runs out of coverage.  So even though the sub-contractor has tendered the defense for the General Contractor, these high dollar claims still loom over the GC causing an exposure.

Your insurance carrier realizes this fact and takes it into account when writing the general liability policy for projects.  Insurance carriers provide scheduled credits to their clients to differentiate from a General Contractor that is exposed to less risk than another.  Examples include, past claim history, length of time in business, location of doing business and the quality of their SAFETY PROGRAM.

Even though we can’t change the length of time in business and the location of the project, using the Safety Pole system during the framing process will have a great impact on the scheduled credits received for the project.

  1.  Using the Safety Pole system will greatly reduce falls from heights.
  2. When a fall does happen and the worker is utilizing the Safety Pole system the resulting injury is minimal and most claims will rarely reach a point beyond the indemnity coverage.
  3. When showing the Safety Pole system on your jobsites, an insurance carrier’s loss prevention specialists will be able to see the value and innovation that the General Contractor is using to reduce claims.  Thus, receiving a superior safety program rating.

Over time there will be a positive effect on past claim history.  Increasing scheduled credits in future years, since there will be a reduction in claims while using the Safety Pole system.  This impact will be immediate for the following project/year since insurance companies’ weight the most recent 3 years of claim history the highest.


Discourage OSHA visits

Outside of the insurance benefit that the General Contractor will receive, the Safety Pole System will also cause a pronounced reduction in OSHA fines.  Lack of adequate fall protection fines range from $2,000 to $45,000 per visit.  OSHA has recognized the Safety Pole system as one of the best fall protection solutions available to wood framers.  It has been proven that a jobsite using the Safety Pole system receives less OSHA visits than one that does not.  So utilizing the Safety Pole System will also have a subsidizing impact on other possibly received OSHA violations and fines besides fall protection.


Easy to Use – Easy to Inspect

The nature of our fall protection system that moves the anchor point above the workers head allows for ease of inspection. As well allowing the framer to work as he always has…Walking the top plate OK!  Working on leading edges OK!

Safety Pole System has simplified training…No more different rules for different locations….No more walking up to each and every person working on the top plate and deck to see if their fall protection lanyard is properly attached to the anchor point.  No more individual examinations of the rope grab to ensure it is the correct length.

Just look up and see if the workforce is attached to the system.  The rules are simple.